Take Control of Your Album Collections!

Do you miss the "Album Shuffle" feature from your old iPod? Do you listen to music on your iPhone or iPad all day and simply want to listen to a random selection of albums, played in the song order that the artist intended? Do you have so many albums that you find it hard to come up with your own playlists? Is your music collection diverse and you want to tailor your listening to your mood?

Smart Shuffle can help!

Smart Shuffle combines the simple restoration of the Album Shuffle functionality with advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, allowing you much better control of your music selection.

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Getting Started

Shows the first permissions question that you wil see when starting the Smart Shuffle app for the first time

Smart Shuffle has two main screens, the Player screen and the Selection Screen. Press "Select" from the main screen to select albums to shuffle. Select your albums, either one by one, using the "Select All" button, or by using the advanced filtering features. Press "Shuffle" from the Selection Screen to begin playing your new set of album selections. From the Player screen, you can play or pause the music, skip forward and backward, either by song or by album, play your music on other devices like bluetooth headphones, Apple TV or through Airplay enabled speakers, and turn on Sleep Mode, which will pause Smart Shuffle after 30 or 60 minutes, or at the end of the current album. If you quit Smart Shuffle, your randomized list of albums will play on. You can return to Smart Shuffle to select a new list, or skip to a new album.

See below for more detail about Selecting Albums, using the Player screen, and modifying the settings for Smart Shuffle through your device's "Settings" app. 

NOTE: When you open Smart Shuffle for the first time, you need to allow the app permission to access your Media Library. Answer "OK" to this dialog box, as shown on the right.

Selecting Albums

Shows the selection list in an iPhone screenshot.

The first time you run Smart Shuffle and go into the Selection Screen, your entire music collection is displayed in a scrolling list. Select items individually, or use the "Select All" or "Clear All" buttons to select or clear all of the albums currently displayed in the list. The total number of albums in the list is shown at the top of the screen. By selecting the "Sort" button, you can sort your albums by Title, by Artist, or by Genre. Touching the "Select All" button selects all of the albums in the currently displayed list, and "Clear All" unselects those albums.

You can limit what is displayed by selecting the "Filter" button. This will let you filter your collection by a variety of categories (Genre, Playlist, Grouping, Rating, Play Count, Selected, and Cloud Availability). When you press the filter button, a pop-up menu will display these choices. Checkmarks show the categories that have already been selected for filtering. When you select a category, a list of the options for that category are shown. For example, for Genre, a list of all available genres is displayed. For any category, you can only filter by one option. Once you select a choice, any previous choice is cleared. To clear a filter in a previously filtered category, select it, then select "Clear Filter" from the top of the list. After your selection, the newly filtered album list is displayed. The options shown for each category reflect any previously selected category filters. For example, if you filter for album list by a Playlist that only has a few Genres associated with it, only those choices will be available to you if you then select the Genre category to filter by. This allows you to quickly refine your choices down to a few specific categories. The filters that you have set are shown at the top of the Selection Screen, just below the number of albums displayed in the current list.

Combining Filters

Shows the filtering options or categories in an iPhone screenshot.

Recall that using "Select All" or "Clear All" will only select or clear the items currently being listed. This allows you to select a subset of your collection using one filter, then switch filters and select of clear another subset of your collection. Use this, for example to refine your selection to, for example, all albums in the "Dance" Genre that have not been played often, PLUS all albums belonging to a specific Grouping that are rated 5 stars.

The number of album selections is displayed just on top of the album list. This number reflects the total number of albums that you have selected, not just the albums that have been selected with the current filter. So if you filtered by "Rock" Genre, selected three albums, then filtered by "Electronica", even though none of those albums will be selected, the total number of selections will still be three.

To review the albums that you have selected, or view items you have not selected, "Filter By Selected". You can select or unselect items displayed with these filters, further refining your choices. Selecting "Clear Filters" will show all of the albums available to you. If you want to start over or just return to the music you had previously queued up, just touch "Cancel" and the album selections will remain unchanged. Once you are happy with your selections, press "Shuffle" to start playing your selected albums randomly, one at a time.

Playing Albums

Shows typical player screen with album art and titles and control bar at the bottom

In the center of the screen, the Player displays the currently playing album art. Now playing information, including the title, artist, and song name of the currently playing song are displayed in the top section of the screen, and Player controls are located along the bottom.

The following touch gestures are recognized by Smart Shuffle:

  • Play/Pause - double tap the album art

  • Next/Previous Album - swipe left/right across the album art

  • Next/Previous Song - swipe left/right across the now playing text

  • Sleep Mode - Press and hold the play/pause button for one second

Sleep Mode

Shows sleep mode options in screenshot from iPhone

Sleep Mode will pause the Player after 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or after the end of the currently playing album. The pause button will change to show a countdown timer showing how much time there is left until the Player pauses. Smart Shuffle has to be running in the foreground in order for the Sleep Mode to work. If you push the play/pause button in Sleep Mode, or if you quite the app, Sleep Mode will be disabled.

Library Change

Shows Library Change screenshot from iPhone

If you add or remove albums from you music library while Smart Shuffle is running, or if you are playing albums from the cloud and your internet connection is disabled (or enabled afterwards), you will see a "Library Change" icon on the Player screen as Smart Shuffle attempts to change the album queue to accommodate the changes in your music library. The music will pause, and if the currently playing album is no longer available, Smart Shuffle will choose another. You may also see a "Reconnecting..." wait screen pop up when you run Smart Shuffle and the music has been off for awhile, particularly if you have been using other apps since Smart Shuffle was last run. This is normal behavior, as Smart Shuffle needs to reconnect to the Apple music player to re-queue your selected set of albums.


There are several global settings for Smart Shuffle that can be accessed from your device's "Settings" app.

If you do not want to include albums in the cloud (which includes all music purchased from the iTunes Music Store), set "Include Cloud Items" to off. Only albums downloaded to your device will be shown in the Selection Screen.

If "Remember Filter Settings" is on, the Selection Screen will maintain the last filter you set when you return to the Selection Screen from the Player Screen. If this setting is off, the filters will be cleared every time you return to the Selection Screen.

If "Confirm Shuffle Button" is turned on, every time you touch the "Shuffle" button from the Player Screen, a dialog box will appear to confirm that you really want to re-shuffle your selected albums. It is a useful guard against accidentally hitting the button unintentionally and want to listen to all of your shuffled selections without starting over.

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Thanks for using Smart Shuffle, and happy shuffling!